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Lost Sponsorship Revenues aka… The “Corner-Of-Your-Desk” Pile

Non-profit organizations and trade associations often lament the lack of results when it comes to fundraising efforts and “non-dues” revenue generation. Answering to the board as to why revenue budget targets are not being met is difficult. In the ever-increasing hunt for “non-dues” revenue, organizations need to address the factors involved and take steps to… Continue reading Lost Sponsorship Revenues aka… The “Corner-Of-Your-Desk” Pile

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11 Pinterest Tips To Get Your Business Noticed

Today, you started a Pinterest board for your business and I bet you are having a lot of fun looking at all those great images that are linked to many great marketing tips, business tips, recipes, holiday crafts and other interesting information but is your page set up to drive traffic to your website or is it not quite what you had in mind?