Real Estate Assistant

What is a virtual Real Estate Assistant and why should you hire one?

A virtual Real Estate assistant can help you from their own office, with their own office equipment with listings, policing paperwork, taking inbound calls and scheduling appointments in Showing Time and more!

We can help you with just about any task that you require help with. We are familiar with DocuSign, BrokerWolf, ShowingTime, MLS and more!

Allow us to do the research, call the clients and book your appointments for showings, inspections and walk throughs.

We will check your paper work to make sure all the initials, signatures, dates and important information is on your Agreements, NOF’s, Amendments, Trade Records and more.

Other benefits of a Virtual Real Estate Assistant:

  • We work on specific tasks and charge by the hour, which can be much cheaper than a full-time employee
  • No need for benefits or insurance and NO payroll!
  • No need for extra office space or equipment costs
  • We are entrepreneurs and know what it takes to be flexible and reliable
  • Manage your social media channels
  • Graphic design
  • Schedule and keep track of your client appointments


  • Policing paper work
  • Research
  • Sending paper work to lawyers and calling or emailing to make sure they have received everything needed.
  • Calling lawyers and other brokerages for commissions.
  • Mailing flyers and cards
  • Managing incoming email and other correspondence
  • Uploading documents into docuSign and sending them by E-signature to be signed.


  • Curating content for social media channels that promote your listings and create engagement
  • Monitoring social media channels for comments and questions
  • Promoting relevant articles and blog posts
  • Promoting virtual tour videos on social media channels
  • Video editing for virtual tours

Graphic Design

  • Create vibrant graphic posts for social media content
  • Flyers and brochures for open houses and mail outs
  • Social media cover images
  • Newsletter and blog header images
  • Business cards
  • Editing pictures for house listings
  • Designing Letterhead


  • Responding to email from clients and other brokerages
  • Email management, organising and scheduling
  • Answering calls for Showings and booking appointments
  • Contacting Appraisers and other agents
  • Answering calls who are interested in a property or who want to sell or buy a property.
  • Paging and emailing agents