Administrative Services


Running your own business can be very time consuming and can cause some of the big and little things to be put on the back burner. One day you look in your email and there are 10 emails you need to address, then later in the day 100.

Maybe you have never cleaned up your email and you can’t find anything. Maybe today is the day you become more organized and clean up those 2,000 emails. How many of those emails are spam? And how many

of them are outdated and old? If you need to find something quickly in your email, could you? Have you missed important emails that would lead to new clients, more income and possibly a chance to correct a mistake before it hits social media.

We can help you with all of this and more virtually and literally!

  1. Email Setup
  2. Clean up and organise old email
  3. Check your email daily to make sure critical emails are acted on
  4. Respond to emails when required
  5. Create rules to prevent spam


If you have ever missed a meeting because your schedule is too full, we can help! We can keep you on track with client and company meetings by managing your calendar so that you know exactly what is going on in your business every day.

We can book your appointments and make sure you aren’t being double booked and you’re not being scheduled for a meeting when it doesn’t work for you. Making sure all email invitations are being sent out to the clients and co-workers so they have the correct links and times for each meeting or event.

Also, if you are a business that is involved with events, there is a lot to remember and to do! We can keep you organized with reminders, dates, times, links and contacting people that are involved such as clients other businesses and more.

  1. Manage all upcoming appointments, NO MORE DOUBLE BOOKED APTS!
  2. Booking appointments
  3. Keeping you on track for events, trade shows and more!
  4. Making sure everyone is on the same page in the office


Market research is an important part of any business before making any important company decisions. You have to dig deep into the product information, your competitors, where your company is located and so much more.

This can be so time-consuming and when you are running a business, and you don’t always have spare time to devote to it and it also takes valuable time away from other employees as well.

We can do this for you! We can dig and collect the information you need and put the data together to be used by your company for a variety of research projects! We can be your data archeologists!

  1. Market research so you can make good decisions for your business
  2. Research for various blogs, articles, and infographics
  3. Looking into new products
  4. Competitor research for Trade Shows
  5. Contact information.

We can do a variety of administrative Services and if you don’t see what you need, listed here, it doesn’t mean we can’t tackle it! Contact us and let’s chat about your virtual administrative needs.