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What About Those OTHER Clicks on Facebook Insights?

Imagine this…someone walking by an open bedroom door, that’s open just a slight crack (you know you’ve seen this in the movies) while attending a party or other gathering, and you can see what’s inside. They begin snooping until the owner shows up and they say… oh I was looking for the bathroom! Not sure this really happens in real life, but hey just throwing it out there. Why am I throwing it out there? Well let me explain…

Social media marketing can be a tricky thing when you are trying to connect the dots as to what works best for your brand on Facebook and what doesn’t. Many people expect to just post random articles, images and other information without thinking about their audience.

When posting videos, images, articles and more on Facebook we ALL want to know what magic is involved in creating the “big buzz post” that will get you noticed time and time again on social media by your present and future followers.

What does this have to do with the bedroom door? I am getting to it…

So you’ve decided on an image you want to upload to your Facebook business page and let’s say it is a pug wrapped in a blanket that looks like Yoda…. works for me… Most people who have a business page of some sort want to know how well it is doing right? Yes! They want to know if people made any comments below the image, are they liking it, or did they share it by adding it to their own Facebook page for others to see.

To find out how well the Yoda Pug is doing, we need to look at our Facebook insights, which is a tool to track user interaction. It can provide us with information such as how many people it reached (how many people seen our pug) how many likes, shares, comments, link clicks (url links added to the image or video) and more.

Many of us think…oh wow, look at all the engagement, the likes, and oh no I got an angry emoticon, what the hell… maybe they meant to put a smile… or did they? We tend to over analyze what we are putting out there to connect with our clients or future clients that we sometimes don’t look at the whole picture when it comes to insights and how we are really doing.

You’ve posted Yoda the Pug on Facebook and now you want to know how it’s doing. You check out your insights the next day and you have 53 comments, 500 likes, a reach of 3,226 and 52 Shares about a cute little pug looking slightly like Yoda. Is the buzz happening on your Facebook page? Let’s see…

As you are skimming over the post insights something stands out to you, you’ve seen it before, you know you’ve seen it, but what the heck does it mean…. “Other Clicks”? What is this other clicks?? What does this mean!!

Well, it is actually a rather cool insight! You may think, it doesn’t represent engagement and activity… or does it? Guess what… yes it does!!

Other clicks shows us that even though they didn’t click on your image or play that video or even click on your url link etc, it still got their attention and they became curious! They show the number of times someone clicked their mouse on a people’s names in the comments section, on the like count below the image and any one that clicks on the time.

Hence this brings me back to the bedroom door open just a crack… when something entices people, they get curious and look around.

Long story short, if the Yoda Pug… ok video or blog post etc, didn’t get any post clicks or views on it, but it encouraged them to check out other areas of your page, then it’s been a good day at the office, well done!

So remember when you are digging into your insights to see how your post is doing, check out those “other clicks”, they are important!

Thanks for stopping by! Brenda

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