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11 Pinterest Tips To Get Your Business Noticed



Today, you started a Pinterest board for your business and I bet you are having a lot of fun looking at all those great images that are linked to many great marketing tips, business tips, recipes, holiday crafts and other interesting information but is your page set up to drive traffic to your website or is it not quite what you had in mind?

If your Pinterest page is set up right it can, not only draw attention to your business but help you with your website traffic, opt-ins, getting personal with your audience, more views on your blog page and so much more.

pinterest-e1513004373731.jpgBefore opening your Pinterest page for business, let’s make sure that you have the following important items optimized and set up first:

  1. Have a look at your profile, do you have a description and is it written in a way that people know what your business is about? Also, have you added some great keywords to it? If not, I would suggest doing this right away. You only have 160 characters to work with, so use them wisely.
  1. Make sure you add a link to your profile under the settings so people know how to find you. Use the link that you want people to land on such as your blog, homepage or products page.
  1. How is your profile picture? Did you make it the right size or is half of your face or logo cut off? Make sure your profile image is 165 x 165.
  1. Once you have created your Pinterest page, make sure you verify your website. This will add a “check sign” icon on your site’s images showing that Pinterest has confirmed who you are.
  1. Don’t forget to add a “Pin it” button and “Follow button to your website for when people visit so they can pin your content and follow your Pinterest site.
  1. Connect to your social media accounts. This is a quick way of periodically sharing your pins, but do this sparingly and when sharing to Twitter don’t use more 280 characters for the pinned content, which is now up from 140.
  1. It is suggested to have a minimum of 12 boards on your page and they should have a theme to them. Some suggested boards that do well are:
  • A board dedicated to your blog
  • One for your own videos
  • A board for your products, whether it is social media, clothing, and more. If you sell several different products, create your boards with categories.
  • Add some holiday and events boards, because everyone loves the holidays.
  • DIY boards for crafts
  • Food and drink
  • Home Décor
  • Health & Fitness
  • Inspirational Quotes, both inspiring and funny
  • Technology
  • Travel
  1. Make sure that your images are high quality, clear and the right size. Also, make sure you add a good description and that your own pins are linked back to your website with a URL link. Please don’t re-pin someone’s image and change out their link for yours, that isn’t good Pinterest manners.
  1. Start grabbing pins from your website, blog, YouTube channel and other sources. A quick way to do this is by adding the Pinterest browser button. When the content is pinned from your website your URL link will automatically be embedded in the image. Make sure you select the correct board to pin it to.
  1. Now that you have boards created and pins added, how do they look? To make them stand out more, make sure you add a cover image to each of your boards and a description of what it is all about. You can change the cover image and description by clicking on the little pencil when you float your mouse over the bottom right-hand corner of the board you want to work on.
  1. My last suggested tip is to create a community board and invite other people to pin to it.

Don’t forget to engage on Pinterest and check out other boards for images to articles, tips and more that fit within your theme. Comment on other pins and heart them for further engagement.

Join us over at our Pinterest board and we’ll work hard to keep you entertained and informed! Pick a Pin and say Hi!

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