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Idea to Reality… Not So Fast!

Sitting around the kitchen table brainstorming about a new business idea that is going to save the world (and make you rich doing it) sounds like fun! I believe most people in all walks of life have had that kitchen table discussion at some point in their life. For many of us it’s more than once, and for a few of us, we actually move it from an idea into action at some level.

The moving to action becomes a cliff-jumping roller coaster ride starting with enthusiasm, then terror, that leads to something we did not count on… becoming an entrepreneur.

For its many splendored rewards, the life of the entrepreneur certainly has its moments. Worry, self-doubt, financial hardship, overcoming unbearable obstacles, straining personal relationships (family, friends) are to name, but a few of the things to anticipate along this path you choose.

Having been around that table many times over the years, I have come to realize that jumping into action often meant hitting a pretty big wall.

Call it lack of sales, lack of customers, poor research, or a laundry list of failed business reasons, I found out the hard way. And hard it has been!

My “idea-to-reality” motivation is that no matter how hard that wall is, I am running through it. After several attempts at that, it started to make sense, to attempt to go around the wall instead. In business terms, re-inventing your business model, talking to customers about what they want (rather than what you think they need), thinking outside the box, revising your marketing strategy.

All good wall busters that if you apply yourself, will get you to the next wall!
All successful entrepreneurs become very good at recognizing they are going to hit the wall, and before doing so find a way (around, over top, underneath, heavy equipment) to avoid that collision. One way or another, the wall is inevitably going to be there.

So back to the kitchen table, armed with my brief story (and the volume of educational materials out there on the subject for reference), what if “idea to reality” came with a coach, a mentor, a piece of advice, and key nugget of useful information, that helped navigate those walls?

I love being an entrepreneur and all the good and bad that goes with it. It’s not for everyone and a path not necessarily guaranteed to bring you the health, wealth, and happiness as advertised somewhere.

That aside, however, it does offer a level of challenge and fulfillment that most endeavors don’t quite seem to cover. And helping other entrepreneurs at various stages of the journey, applying my own personal experiences on the matter at hand (the wall it seems in this case), well, seems ultimately gratifying work.

Hence my new journey has begun, the idea is sound and action is being taken… helping others avoid their own walls!

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