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Virtual Applied has been helping professionals for over 10+ years! If you are finding your days are too hectic and you don’t have enough staff to meet those crazy deadlines, or you need more organization within your working environment, we can help!

Lets face it, people get sick and curve balls happen, but businesses don’t stop. We are here to help you, not only on a full-time basis but on a part-time and a casual basis. We are here when you need us and for however long you need us.

These are just a few of the areas that we specialize in to help your company when needed:

Email Management, Customer Service, Calendar Management and various Administrative services.

Social Media

Social Media Management, Content Marketing, social media and website audits, social media monitoring and more.

Graphic Design

Banners, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. Banners and cover images, Posters, Content Flyers, Business Cards, Website Images and headers and more.

Video editing, Doodly creation, informational videos, voice overs for Ads, videos, voice messages and more.

Website Maintenance

WordPress Maintenance, GoDaddy Website builder, Link creations, Blogs, Video and Images embedding, Website creations and more

Project Management

Project Management, E-manuals for training, TeamWorks, Asana, Slack and much more.

I met Brenda Willett of Virtual Applied (virtually) during the COVID-19 shut down and after seeing her talents I hired her to create a Doodly for my business West Carleton Household Services. I couldn’t be happier with it. She captured my story perfectly. Thank-you Brenda!

Shannon – West Carleton Household Services

After seeing Brenda’s work that she donated to a local business group, I knew Virtual Applied was the right choice for helping my company with creative branding and the more technical aspects of my FaceBook page and website.  Brenda has a very collaborative work style, so many great ideas, and is very easy to work with.  I put off getting help in my business as it almost seems like “losing control” but Brenda and Virtual Applied are like business partners who have taken the time to understand how I work and how I think.  Thank you Brenda! 

At Home With Monique